BKS Conveyancing is at the forefront of agencies utilising electronic conveyancing, the most significant change to the industry ever. Electronic conveyancing is quicker and more accurate, meaning there is far less chance that settlement will fail at the last moment, and ensuring that you receive your proceeds or your title the same day that settlement occurs, so you can move onto your next big thing straight away.

In most instances, as a buyer of property or a business, BKS Conveyancing is the only party engaged to exclusively act on your behalf to ensure all aspects of the contract are performed correctly and on time. Real estate agents usually act for the seller, however we always offer to work in conjunction with all other agents to ensure a smooth settlement process is achieved.

We recommend that you engage BKS Conveyancing well before you enter into a contract to purchase a property or business and have us review the documents before you sign on the dotted line.

When we act for a seller, we work with your real estate agent to ensure that your obligations under the contract are met and that settlement happens on time.

Our fees are always competitive and all-inclusive so you are not signing up for a raft of hidden charges.