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Building Inspections in less than 200 Words

Building Inspection clauses are one of the most common inclusions in contracts to purchase property in WA. They allow a potential buyer to engage a registered builder to attend the property and inspect it for structural defects.

Most of the time, these conditions ONLY cover structural defects and, according to the standard REIWA condition, the structure it covers is pretty much only the roof structure and the walls.

Man painting a ceiling

Not doors.

Not windows.

Not roof coverings.

Not the ceiling.

Not maintenance issues.

If you are buying, it could be worth your while investing in some additional due diligence before you submit your offer.

You can ask for a building inspection to be done before you make an offer, and include rectification of

any issues in the contract.

Or you can request a structural engineer's report instead, which may be more robust.

Or you can request a different contract condition be included. Engage a lawyer to draft this and it could be a very wise investment!

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